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this is special collaboration that has been made with our website and Blockchain,

Blockchain has decided to launch a new platform to encourage people to invest 

funds and  get 3% bonus of the deposited amount,and so to spread these 

amazing news Blockchain offer money to any website that post this offer  

on their homepage , so we decided to cooperate with Blockchain and share

this post with you our faithful visitors.

Blockchain offer: 

"Blockchain is glad to welcome you on our new platform!"

This is our first official announcement!
We thank all blockchain users for their patience at such a difficult moment for all of you guys.

All users who deposit on our platform will get in 2 days , 3% bonus.
Clients who want to apply now on , please make a Bitcoin transfer to:


Hurry UP ! 4510 clients allready deposit , we have now 4110.562 BTC
Due to a large demand among our customers, we may expand our bonus for 6 days.

"you can deposit an amount you want"
We will refund your first deposit with dividends withing 2 days at 00:00 Pacific Time. (For example: investing 3.00 Bitcoins today will return 0.09 Bitcoins after 2 days at 00:00 Pacific time) The profits are withdrawn immediately to Blockchain  all rights for 1st level investments.

To trace your investment please send an email to , And subject to put your Bitcoin address. The Bitcoin address must be the same as you used to invest. If you put in the email a Bitcoin address you didn't used to making investments, you will only receive an email with your status. If you submit a correct email with a correct address Bitcoin (the same used to make your placement), you will receive an email with the total Bitcoin invested and the date and time of your payment will be made.

Hurry up! This is a Iimited license, unique opportunity.

Thank you, that you believed in us. Thank you that you are with us.
With respect, Blockchain team.

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